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Aid for USA and Canada, is a collaborative project that confronts agency and exchange in the 2011 globalized economy. During a residency in Haiti artist Allison Rowe ambled the streets of downtown Port-au-Prince asking Haitians to donate objects or audio to the citizens of Canada and the United States. The collected items ranged from audio histories and sculpture to trash, pleas for assistance and recipes. All donated aid objects were presented at the 2011 Ghetto Biennale and will be exhibited alongside over a dozen audio donations during upcoming exhibitions in North America.

Project Participants: Evens Richlieu, Makendy, Jerry Reiginald, Mario Pierre Louis, Evel Romain, Desir Poter, Jean Francois Vanel Pierre, ValBrun Romain, Francois Wandesrnon, Serge St Louis, Jean Claude Saenteilus, Gary Belhomme, Christopher Blaine, Alphonse Sony, Jean Milord, Jean Francois René Tato, Adrien Irmeus, Morigène Rosario, Rossignol Gerald, Anatee Ducey, Jean Emmanuel, Ghaïti, Sylvie, David Ricardo, Solan Ge Phrophete, Pierre Enord, Denis Guismy, Mabelle Williams, Vertilus Frantzly, Ras, Leonce Syndia, Felix Johanick, Louis Martine, Chery Sandra, Bristhole Gerald, Cindy Belhomme, Schneica Djaffca Chery, Magdalie Casimir, Betty Casseus, Laugens Duversaint, and Gethor Duversaint.

Photographic Documentation: Clare Samuel

Sac D’eau donated by Milordjean
Empty Drinking Water Bag
5” x 4”
Drapau donated by Chery Jerry Reginald
Hatian Flag
6”x 3 ½”
Tres Mechant donated by Jean-Claude Saentillus
Mixed-Media Sculpture
36” x 24” x 6”
Carton donated by Evel Romaen
Scrap Piece of Cardboard
5” x 16 ½”
La Trinite donated by Francois Wanderson
Carved Sea Rock
8 ½” x 9” x 4”
Gallon donated by Mario Pierre Louis
5” x 6” x 7”
Zanj donated by Serge St Louis
Mixed-Media Sculpture
10 ½” x 9” x 5 ½”
Stainless donated by Markendy
11” x 6 ¾”