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Going Out
Video Documentation of Public Performance and Sculpture
50 second clip of an 8 minute video
Oh Canada!
Single Channel video installation onto homemade tar sand (sand, clay and motor oil.)
35 second clip of 15 second looped clip
Carbonic Maple Leaves
Canadian Maple Leaves, Picture Frames, Used Fabric
Williams Family Emergency Shelter
Children’s raft, curtain rod, bed sheet, umbrella, Swiffer mop, duct tape, canned food
72 x 60 x 45 inches
To 2050
Kettle, Straws, Duct Tape, Used Plastic Containers, Home-made Tar Sand (Motor Oil, Sand, Pigment)

Allison Rowe is a Canadian interdisciplinary artist, educator, and researcher. Her artistic work attempts to re-personalize political discourses, exploring the possibilities that exist in this transitional process. Allison is a doctoral candidate in Art Education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where she is researching socially engaged art.