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Winter Fun Day
Winter Fun Day
Participatory art event

Welcome to Winter Fun Day—a one-day celebration and art event that embraces the joys of Winter!

As the 2019 Winter Artist-in-Residence at Artscape Gibraltar Point, it was my goal is to support my fellow Torontonians in getting to know our cities Islands in new ways through outdoor, collaborative, and environmental art experiences. In planning this project I come up against one constant and variable force: the weather. In January 2019 Toronto experienced unseasonably warm temperatures, intense cold weather warnings, freezing rain and, when we were lucky, a little bit of snow. The reality is, future winters are likely to be even more chaotic, warm, and erratic due to the effects of human-caused climate change. Just as the participants of Winter Fun Day had to adapt our plans and construct an emergency shelter in lieu of a snow fort, so too will everyone on the planet soon need to figure out new ways to contend with future winter climates.