Projects > Green Skies: Temporal Movement Computing

Green Skies: Temporal Movement Computing is an art installation staged at Outhaus apartment Gallery in 2017. The work draws the vernacular and aesthetics of the infamous Blue Waters Super Computer located at the nearby University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign to comment on what this Midwestern college town might look in the year 2100. Visitors to the project were invited to enter and program the time machine before crawling through a tunnel into a shed located in 2100. The interior of the space contained seemingly everyday objects like shovels, bottled water, and canned goods. However, the uses of these object were brought into question by the overwhelming hot temperature of the space and the large photographic collages that covered the windows to give the impression that the landscape had transformed into a desert with a light green sky—a coloring which suggests higher carbon monoxide content in the atmosphere.